The Little Sisters of Joy
The Little Sisters of Joy



The Little Sisters of Joy is an ecumenical Foundation of Prayer, Peace and Reconciliation, ‘ecumenical’ in that it reaches out to the ‘known inhabited world.’ The wider Sisterhood and Brotherhood embraces people of all faiths and cultures.  The Foundation has over 700 Friends in 35 countries, who support the Foundation in Friendship and Prayer.


The Foundation has been working to build bridges between Jews and Christians, Jews and Arabs, and between Catholics, Protestants and the Orthodox.  The Foundation has many Muslim friends. The Foundation also aims to effect reconciliation within individuals, which takes a variety of forms. There is also an outreach to the Native Canadian community.


With the love of God at its heart, the Foundation recognises that music and the other arts are very much part of that healing process. There are regular Concerts for Peace and Reconciliation in which some of the music, consisting of songs of the 60’s, folk music and Hebrew music rises like a prayer to effect the healing of the world.


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